Somerton Bridge wasn’t originally designed as an exhibition layout, but as a club layout where members could operate their locos and run reasonable length trains behind them. Most of our club members do not have permanently set-up layouts of their own and wanted somewhere to ‘play’ trains or run-in their new locos.

Limited storage, meant we needed a layout that would take up minimal space, but provide a good sized running track. The model should assemble/disassemble very quickly and easily, be sturdy in construction, and yet lightweight enough for people to handle.

We have a diverse interest at the club, with members modelling various time periods and continents. We therefore wanted our models to run through scenery that doesn't define a particular era or a specific part of the world.  Buildings can define these criteria very easily, so it was decided to model a country setting.

The rear of the layout holds ladder sidings on both up and down tracks allowing us to make up a selection of trains ready for continuous 'trackside action'.

Notes for Exhibition Managers:

Size:  24ft x 8ft. Operators stand inside the layout. Layout viewable on three sides.

Operators:  4

Expenses:  Petrol for 2 cars (one with a trailer)

Value:  £1500

Other requirements:  Two small tables (2ft square, or similar) for stock.


You can find a contact form to enquire about this layout on the “home page” at  Click on the page selection box at the top of the page, choose the contact page, and mark the  message for the attention of Barry.

Somerton Bridge  OO/HO (4mm/3.5mm scale 16.5mm gauge)