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Geeksville HO (3.5mm scale)

SCB Long Road TMD  OO (4mm scale)

I have an extensive collection of US HO models and OO BR ones (all DCC fitted). Using the same track layout, but with a slightly different scenic “kit”, my layout can be setup as 2 different locations; “Geeksville” or “SCB Long Road TMD”.

The layout requires a space of 18 feet by between 4 to 6 feet so the 3 operators can comfortably stand behind it.

It is complete with working ground signals and lighting for night-time simulation. Track is PECO code 83, with DCC Concepts point and point control and NCE DCC control system.

Clicking on an image with a black border will view it at a higher resolution.

Most of the scenic models have been constructed from modified kits; I have also made use of 3D printed scenic additions to the layout, courtesy of another club member’s 3D printing service. If you want to contact me about the layout, please use the contact form (in the page selection box above), and mark it for the attention of Dan.

The fictional layout Geeksville Depot is on the Union Pacific Railroad, a diesel maintenance depot located off the mainline a few miles north of Greenwood south of Omaha Nebraska. It was built during World War II to help maintain the smaller steam and early diesel fleet.

Over the years since the war, many changes have occurred; the old roundhouse has gone and in its place is the new and modified maintenance shed to help with the much bigger diesel locomotives on the Union Pacific railroad in the late 1950s to the early 1980s, such as the DDA40X and U50 locomotives. Steam does still pay a visit to the depot from time to time in the form of the Union Pacific Heritage Fleet, the 4-8-4 Northern, Challenger and the mighty BigBoy 4-8-8-4 locomotive.

SCB LONG ROAD TMD is a fictional layout located a few miles south of Cambridge on the old Bedford branch line.

The TMD started to be built in the seventies after the branch was closed as a site was needed for a maintenance depot south of Cambridge due to the increasing flow of passenger & freight in the East Anglia region, and there was a need for somewhere to maintain locomotives and rolling stock. Over the years the depot has increased in size and a small platform was located on the site at the north end. The depot is home to an array of different types of locomotives, wagons and coaches for either repair or for storage. Over the years there has been a small but growing private part of the depot that looks after and maintains and store some of the UK's preserved locomotives and rolling stock at quiet periods. On SCB LONG ROAD TMD layout you will see an array of locomotives from the preserved steam up to the present day diesel electrics.